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DHS Announces Extension of TPS for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sudan

DEC 9, 2020

TPS has been renewed again for beneficiaries from the following countries: El Salvador, Haití, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sudan. This extensión permits beneficiaries an extension of stay and work authorization through October 4, 2021.

These TPS beneficiaries also should know that with a change in adminsitration comes a very different outlook on TPS. President-elect Biden has indicated his opposition to terminating the TPS programs for these countries. TPS was initially granted based on humanitarian concerns and at least in reference to Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, great humanitarian concerns continue. Honduras and Nicaragua have been hit twice by new devastating hurricanes in 2020. El Salvador and Honduras are beleaguered by transnational criminal organizations commonly known as “Mara” gangs. Nicaragua has been dealing with a military crackdown and the effects of the dictatorial actions of its current government led by Daniel Ortega. Haiti has not benefited from a government that cares about its people in at least a generation and has continued to be affected by political turmoil, rampant crime and a limited economy. A proper clear-eyed intelligent non-political analysis of the situation in these countries could not possibly support the idea of terminating the TPS designation for any of them.

We strongly suggest that all TPS beneficiaries set up a consult in order to find a proper strategy to find a permanent solution to your immigration situation. While a new day has dawned, we cannot be naive and think that you can stay in TPS status forever. A permanent solution is required.

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