Our Firm


Our Mission

Estrella Law aspires to provide exceptional immigration advocacy that helps achieve and realize our clients’ American Dream, stays true to our immigrant values, and empowers our employees.


Our Firm

When David Estrella co-established his first law office, it was little more than a tiny office on Lincoln Road in South Beach filled with refurbished furniture, a brand new law degree, and a dream. He and his former partner worked tirelessly on a range of cases that helped instill in him a practical approach to the law. Quickly realizing he had a passion for immigration law, David focused exclusively on helping immigrants realize their goals and leading them through all the steps leading to American citizenship. The rest is history.

25 years later, Estrella Law never wavered from its passion for immigration law. Staying true to our roots has allowed us to expand while maintaining the service and compassion only a boutique law firm can offer. We have grown from that little office in South Beach, ensuring our clients’ needs are always met and the quality of our work is never compromised.


Our Team

At Estrella Law, we take pride in calling ourselves a team. We believe successful cases are the result of talented, dedicated individuals working together towards a shared goal. Our teamwork is shaped by years of working together—both our Chief Paralegal, Patricia Lamarche-Nunez, and Executive Assistant, Loren Estrella, have been with Estrella Law since 2002. Both of our associate attorneys, Tyler Newton and Jean Paul Pascual, have been with us since graduating law school. We believe in paying a living wage, health insurance and maintaining a healthy work environment that can be the platform for sensible professional growth for all employees.